Blushing Sunset

Bushing Sunset is a semi sweet wine intensely fruity with cherry, plum, and blackberry fruit flavors with notes of spice.

Two Hands

Two Hands is a dry red wine with deep body and flavors of black cherry, vanilla, and a touch of sweetness.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady is a semisweet white intensely fruity with peach and tropical fruit flavors especially pineapple and hints of honey.


LaDez has notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit and slight floral characteristics.


Slacker is a dry red wine intensely fruity with cherry and plum fruit flavors with hints of blackberry and spice.

Lazy River

Lazy River is a sweet white wine with a fruity aroma of peach and apricot finishing with floral notes of orange blossom and violet.

Ann River White

Ann River White is our dry white wine. Intensely fruity with peach, tropical fruit flavors with a hint of honey.

Ann River Blend

Ann River Blend contains 3 grape varieties. Its bold but soft, fruity with black cherry and plum flavors.


Sunrise is a semi dry wine with citrus and tropical fruit flavors.


Stoneface is a red wine aged in bourbon barrels.